Fire & EMS

The Mohegan Tribe's Fire and EMS Department provides around-the-clock fire and emergency support to the Mohegan Reservation and the broader community.

About Us

The Mohegan Tribal Fire Department provides firefighting, emergency medical service, paramedic intercept, hazardous materials response, and various technical rescue services to the Mohegan Reservation, Mohegan Sun, and surrounding communities. Its career personnel consists of 44 full-time Firefighters/EMTs and Paramedics, supplemented with per diem staffing.  This diverse group of men and women answer over 4,500 calls annually.  

The mission of the Mohegan Tribal Fire Department is to provide fire suppression services, emergency medical and rescue services, containment and confinement of hazardous materials improperly released, and to perform such duties as may be necessary to protect life and property, whether the cause is natural or man-made. Our mission and goals shall include prevention of such incidents whenever and wherever possible, through an aggressive fire prevention and fire protection program using the tools of education, engineering, and enforcement. We shall keep the safety of our personnel at the forefront at all times. 

Fire and EMS Careers

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As an essential part of our commitment to you, the Mohegan Tribal Fire Department (MTFD) maintains the privacy of certain confidential healthcare information about you, known as Protected Health Information or PHI.

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