Historical Site

Historical Sites

For decades, the Tribe has worked tirelessly to pay tribute to our ancestral works and preserve the sacred lands in which our ancestors once called home.

For many years, the Mohegan Tribe has worked tirelessly to reclaim important artifacts and pay tribute to our ancestral works. We are committed to honoring all who came before us by preserving important sites on the Mohegan Reservation and beyond.

Mohegan Church

The Mohegan Church

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Royal Burial Ground

Mohegan Royal Burial Ground

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Dolbeare Burial Grounds

Dolbeare Burial Ground

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Ash Bow Burial Grounds

Ashbow Burial Ground

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Fort Shantok

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Cochegan Rock

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A Piece of History

This belt was worn by 3 Mohegan women: Martha Uncas, Flying Bird, and Medicine Woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon.