Educational Instructors

Educators Project

A combination of free Native American study resources and tools (printable study guides, worksheets and video assets available) available to educators and homeschoolers. Units and lessons are available for K to 12 teachers and can be tailored to meet the needs and educational standards of the respective classroom.

Moving Forward Together

Mohegan Tribe's Educators Project

Chuh (Hello) and welcome to the Mohegan Tribe's Educators Project page. On this site, you will find resources to help with your lesson planning to integrate Indigenous studies into your curriculum. The page will continue to be updated as we have so much to share.

Resources have been developed for various age groups including elementary, middle, and high school students, and include a combination of printable materials and video assets that we hope you will find helpful.

If you are an educator or homeschooler looking to access the site and do not have a username or password, please email the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at [email protected].

The Mohegan Challenge Grant

Each year, the Tribe provides funding to Connecticut educators to develop a curriculum for expanding Native American studies.