What We Do

Our firefighters/EMTs and paramedics answer over 4,500 calls annually to serve the Mohegan Reservation, Mohegan Sun, and our surrounding communities.

Department Overview

A full-duty shift consists of 10 personnel: a battalion chief, a lieutenant, two paramedics, and six firefighter/EMTs who work a 24-hour on and 72-hour off schedule. Staff officers include a fire chief/fire marshal, an assistant chief, and two deputy fire marshals/fire inspectors who work a 40-hour-per-week schedule. An administrative associate provides clerical and other support to the department.

Our apparatus consists of two fire engines, a hazardous materials/rescue truck, a squad used by the Shift Commander, three ambulances, one paramedic fly-car, and a service pickup truck used by the casino's first responder. Apparatus are cross-staffed, meaning personnel cover multiple vehicles depending on staffing levels for a shift. At least one firefighter/EMT is on staff in the casino complex 24/7 for rapid response to incidents. Staffing is increased on certain holidays, arena concerts, and sporting events with extra personnel as needed.

Firefighting, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, and various rescue services are provided on the reservation. Our team supports the broader community as well with Basic and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Services, Intercept, Fire, and Hazmat support. 

Emergency Medical Services

Paramedic service is provided to the Town of Montville, and we serve as mutual aid paramedics to most of southeastern Connecticut. Paramedics are the highest-trained EMS personnel who can provide advanced treatments and skills that EMTs cannot. Skills include 12 lead cardiac monitoring, IV insertions, advanced airways/intubations, and administering many medications to treat a variety of serious medical emergencies and trauma victims. Our ambulances also provide mutual aid to our community neighbors.

What We Do - 240 x 160 - Paramedic


Our firefighters provide a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT, also known as FAST) to area cities and towns surrounding the reservation. This highly trained team provides a standby group of four trained personnel to rescue any downed firefighters inside a burning structure or hazardous area, should they become trapped or disoriented. At times, our staff arrive first to fires or accidents in the Town of Montville and provide initial fire attack or rescue services. We also provide mutual aid to the Town of Montville and other communities as requested.

Hazardous Materials Response

The Mohegan Tribal Fire Department provides hazardous materials emergency response at the Technician level. We are part of the Connecticut Eastern Regional Response Integrated Team (CERRT) which responds throughout eastern Connecticut to major incidents involving chemical spills or releases. Our hazmat vehicle is equipped with various metering and detection devices, leak control, decontamination, personal protective gear, and other equipment to handle many different types of incidents.     


Technical Rescue

The Mohegan Tribal Fire Department provides vehicle extrication, elevator, confined space, and high and low-angle rope rescue services.  These skills require extensive training to meet these unique hazards both on and off the Reservation.  We strive to have the most modern and current equipment and training to provide these services safely and effectively.  


Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal’s Office conducts frequent and thorough life safety inspections of the resort/casino and other Tribal properties. 

This includes:

  • Checking the egress and other life safety aspects of the properties,
  • Reviewing floor plans and set-ups in event venues,
  • Testing fire alarm devices and inspecting fire extinguishers, hydrants, valves, and sprinkler systems,
  • Target inspections of all kitchen areas including verifying the cleanliness and the integrity of the fire protection systems installed within them,
  • Instruction in arena crowd management and evacuation operations for current and new employees


Fire Safety

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