News Releases

News Releases


Mohegan Tribal Fire Department Slope Evacuation Training with Connecticut Fire Academy

Apr 16, 2024

On Mar. 19, 20, 25, and 26, 2024, Mohegan Tribal Fire Department personnel participated in training conducted by Connecticut Fire Academy on slope evacuation utilizing a stokes basket and the Arizona Vortex in advanced configurations to extricate a victim from areas, such as embankments. Their training also included a review of rescuing occupants in a stalled elevator utilizing the Arizona Vortex in the “Doortex” mode along with the use of a newly purchased Harken winch.  Various skill stations were set up to review rigging the stokes basket and usage of other rescue equipment. Our personnel consistently train and prepare for high-risk, low-frequency incidents that they may be faced with.

Mohegan Tribal Fire Department Paramedics Trained in Pre-hospital Focused Ultrasound

Apr 10, 2024

On Mon., Apr. 8, 2024, Mohegan Tribal Fire Department paramedics participated in an all-day training conducted by Yale New Haven Center for EMS physicians and paramedics on pre-hospital focused ultrasound. This new tool provides an internal view of our paramedics' patients to assess for certain medical issues and traumatic injuries.  The Mohegan Tribe provides training and support for our EMS program so that they can continue to provide the most advanced, quality care to our patients.


Mohegan Tribal Fire Department Trains in New Rescue Maneuvers

Nov 16, 2023
Between Jun. 12 and Jun. 28, 2023, the Mohegan Tribal Fire Department trained from Mohegan Sun’s Earth Hotel Tower and Sky Hotel Tower for potential window washer rescues. This type of rescue training is rare in the state as the next closest departments that would be able to assist in these types of rescues would be from larger cities such as New Haven or Hartford, CT. The department is being trained to work in a concerted effort to rescue window washers in an emergency scenario by rappelling down from high-rise buildings, such as our two hotels.

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