Our Vision

We are the Wolf People, children of Mundo, a part of the Tree of Life. our ancestors form our roots, our living Tribe is the trunk, our grandchildren are the buds of our future.

We remember and teach the stories of our ancestors.

We watch. We listen. We learn.

We respect Mother Earth, our Elders, and all that comes with Mundo.

We are willing to break arrows of peace to heal old and new wounds. We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.

We walk as a single spirit on the Trail of Life. We are guided by thirteen generations past and responsible to thirteen generations to come.

We survive as a nation guided by the wisdom of our past. Our circular trails returns us to wholeness as a people.

Ni Ya Yo.

The vision statement was developed by the Mohegan Strategic Planning Committee and adopted by the Council of Elders in 1997.
Gladys Tantaquidgeon
10th generation of Chief Uncas
"Observe, Concentrate and Remember”
– Harold Tantaquidgeon
Chiefs in the 20th century
Represents the sky and spirit
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