The Mohegan Tribe Launches Expansive, Free-of-Charge Educational Program

May 2, 2022

New ‘Educators Project’ will continue Mohegan Tribe’s longstanding commitment to supporting local education in Connecticut

Uncasville, CT (May 2, 2022) - The Mohegan Tribe is excited to launch the ‘Educators Project,’ a combination of new in-depth resources and interactive tools focused on Native American studies, all of which will be made available free of charge to any teacher or homeschooler.

As part of the program, customized lesson plans will be made available by grade level and are written to meet required educational standards. A secured website will supply educators with lesson plans, printable study and film guides, worksheets, and video assets to help aid in their efforts to bring Native American studies to the classroom. Units and lessons are designed to be tailored to meet the needs and educational standards of the respective classroom and are geared for grade K through 12.

“As a former educator, I know firsthand the importance of incorporating Native American studies in the classroom,” said Council of Elder Vice Chairwoman Beth Regan. “Even prior to gaining federal recognition, the Mohegan Tribe has been invested in educational programming in support of local schools, educators, and communities. The Mohegan Tribe’s Educators Project is just a next extension of these efforts. As Native American Studies become required in Connecticut schools in the upcoming school year, we hope these resources are helpful to educators.”

The Mohegan Tribe’s Educators Project is one of several investments that the Mohegan Tribe has made in programming made available free-of-charge to schools across Connecticut. For over 20 years, the Tribe has developed and funded programs and activities to help support the educational system including the Mohegan Challenge Grant, Teacher of the Year celebrations and in-reach and outreach programs.

All curriculum and materials for the Mohegan Tribe’s Educators Project are being produced collaboratively by the Tribe’s Council of Elders, Cultural & Community Programs, Communications department and the new Director of Mohegan Curriculum and Instruction.

In March, the Council of Elders hired Tribal member Samantha Cholewa as Director of Mohegan Curriculum & Instruction. This new position is focused on overseeing the administration and strategic planning of the Mohegan Curriculum and Educators Project while creating, refining, and implementing the curriculum. Cholewa, who brings nearly 10 years’ experience in teaching with eight years focused on Native American studies and curriculum development, will also be a resource to teachers, advising educators and providing Professional Development on Mohegan and Native American Studies.

"I am proud to join this team because the Mohegan Tribe is committed to investing time and resources into supporting local educators and students,” said Cholewa. “It truly is a trademark of what our Tribe represents. These interactive tools and guides are ready to use and will be accessible in our classrooms across the state immediately. Based on requests from our previous partners in education, I will be available to offer support and professional development to educators as they prepare to include Native American studies in their curriculum."