State of Connecticut Supports Classroom

Integration of Native American Studies in the Classroom

"This curriculum is an important part of acknowledging our past and historical connections with our Tribal nations. We are going beyond acknowledgment by building meaningful relationships with our Tribal leaders and this curriculum effort is a prime example of that.”  - Ned Lamont, Governor, State of Connecticut  

“This partnership with Connecticut’s Tribal nations is critical to ensuring the Native American studies curriculum development process is driven by Connecticut’s native and Indigenous voices.” - Charlene Russell-Tucker, CSDE Commissioner 

“Native Americans play a critical role in Connecticut’s history and continue to play a critical role in Connecticut today...This is an opportunity to fully illuminate the historical and contemporary wisdom and contributions of Native Americans. The Connecticut State Department of Education is excited for this partnership and to curate cultural assets of each Connecticut Tribe.” - CSDE Chief Academic Officer Irene Parisi