Mohegan Tribal Court System

The Mohegan Tribal Court System consists of two separate courts, the Mohegan Gaming Disputes Court and the Mohegan Tribal Court. Article X of the Mohegan Constitution provides that all judicial review powers of the Mohegan Tribe not exercised by the Gaming Disputes Court shall be vested in the Council of Elders, and in such subordinate commissions and/or courts as the Tribal Council may from time to time ordain and establish. The Gaming Disputes Court, established by Article XIII of the Mohegan Constitution, has exclusive jurisdiction for the Tribe over any type of dispute that arises out of or is related to the Gaming activities of the Tribe or Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (including licensing, and any associated hotel, resort or entertainment activities).

The Mohegan Tribal Court, established by the Tribal Council pursuant to Article IX, Section 2(o), is a court of general jurisdiction, which may be exercised in any area (except Gaming) over which the Tribal Council has given it authority to act.

Both the Gaming Disputes Court and the Mohegan Tribal Court have two levels, a Trial Court and a Court of Appeals. For the Mohegan Tribal Court, however, the Mohegan Constitution provides for a final review of Court decisions by the Council of Elders.

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