The Tantaquidgeon Museum Turns 90


At the height of the Great Depression, a Mohegan named John Tantaquidgeon decided to build a dream. Although blind in one eye and on crutches, he and his children, Gladys and Harold, founded the Tantaquidgeon Indian Museum in 1931. Since that time, visitors have traveled here from around the world to experience the spirit of the Mohegans and the beauty of Native America. Featuring eastern woodland Indian artifacts, the museum’s mission is to showcase objects from a Native American perspective. 

The Tantaquidgeon Museum's is operated by the Mohegan Tribe and tours are conducted by Mohegan Tribal members on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am to 3:00pm (hours may vary during federal and Native holidays). Groups of six or more require an appointment which can be booked by calling 860-235-8057 or emailing museum@moheganmail.com

"Observe, Concentrate and Remember”
– Harold Tantaquidgeon
“This heart is not mine, but yours.”
– Sachem Uncas
Tree of Life
The spiritual entity that connects one generation to the next
“Never forget it”
– Emma Baker
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