Congratulations Suzanne DesJarlais!

Social Studies at E.O. Smith High School 

About Suzanne

I have been teaching in the E.O. Smith High School’s Social Studies department  for 25 years. 

My decision to enter the teaching profession was rooted in my own passion for learning.  Always in search of  opportunities to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the world, I have traveled to a variety of locations in  Latin America, the Caribbean,  Africa, Europe, and the United States and have participated in programs like UCONN Early College Experience, the PIER Summer Institute,  and the Connecticut Writing Project.  While each of these experiences have profoundly informed my teaching, it is the students themselves who have had the greatest impact. 

The classroom becomes a magical space when the teachers and students partner together to create meaningful learning experiences and personal connections to the content.  The most engaging and relevant lessons I have developed throughout the years were directly inspired by student questions, insights, and direct involvement in developing something new. 

I have taught a wide variety of classes and currently teach World History, Latin and Latino American Studies, and Human Rights.  I am most joyful when collaborating with students and colleagues on community events such as Human Rights Week, Teach-Ins, and Empty Bowls.