Congratulations Bethany Rosin!

Spanish (grade 7) at DePaolo Middle School

About Bethany

Bethany Rosin was a Spanish teacher for almost 20 years in Southington, Connecticut at DePaolo Middle School. She loves being a World Language educator who builds intercultural competence while communicating in Spanish. She especially enjoys working with novice learners as their excitement and rapid growth make the classroom a dynamic place.

Bethany studied politics at The Catholic University of America which included studying abroad and volunteering in Latin America. She returned to her childhood dream of becoming a teacher after working at a summer camp. Bethany always looked for ways to broaden her impact through committees and clubs in her district. Over the years, Bethany has also returned to school to earn her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, 092, and Ed.D. with her dissertation focused on new teacher mentor practices.

Bethany believes in the power of community and wants to build collaborative partnerships within schools, districts, and beyond. She has moved into a position in West Hartford Public Schools as the World Language Department Supervisor. In this role, she is able to support both educators and students at both the elementary and secondary level and continue to evolve as an educator.