Congratulations Amber Venoutsos!

Grade 2 at Hazardville Memorial School in Enfield

About Amber

Amber Venoutsos is second-grade teacher at Hazardville Memorial School in Enfield. She loves the energy of young learners, and her classroom is full of laughter and connection. At the heart of Amber’s teaching philosophy is the belief that when students feel valued, they experience more success.

With that goal in mind, Amber has developed a school-wide initiative called PAWS Time at Hazardville Memorial. The project represents her greatest passion as an educator- building positive relationships between students, staff, and families. Amber’s vision has enhanced students’ sense of connection at school and empowered students to participate in meaningful community service projects.

Amber is committed to creating an inclusive environment that honors the diverse academic, behavior, and emotional needs of all learners. She serves the Enfield Public Schools community in various capacities, including committee work on curriculum development, school-based PBIS, and trauma-informed classrooms. Amber is an after-school tutor, and a mentor for both CT TEAM and the CT Teacher Residency Program. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Kappa.

Amber is a graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education. She resides in South Windsor with her husband Nik, and three sons, Niko (10), Nolan (9), and Nash (7).