Congratulations, Steven St. Onge!

Social Studies Teacher at Cromwell Middle School in Cromwell, CT

About Steven

Steven St. Onge is your friendly neighborhood educator. Born and raised in Middletown, CT, this 36-year-old earned several degrees from Quinnipiac, Northeastern, and Central Connecticut State University. In 2013, Steven landed his first teaching job as a social studies educator at Cromwell Middle School. This event coincided with Steven meeting the love of his life, whom he has also been with for 11 years. Since that pivotal first day, Steven has been a fixture at CMS. His classroom leadership led to Cromwell Middle School earning first and second place finishes in the United Nations-sponsored Design for Change Competition for creating a school garden that donated its produce to our local food pantry and our annual Cultural Fair, which has raised thousands of dollars over the past year. Steven strives to spread empathy and equity throughout his district by creating Cromwell Middle School’s Unity Club. Steven spends most of his free time pretending to be a stuffed cat for his two loving children. 


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