Congratulations John Allen!

Social Studies Teacher (Grades 9-12) at Putnam High School in Putnam, Connecticut

About John

John has been teaching Social Studies at Putnam High School, in Putnam Connecticut since 2015. Originally from Tolland, and having been taught by truly outstanding educators at Tolland High School, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Saint Joseph. In his current position, he has served as an enthusiastic and collaborative colleague, a National Honor Society Co-Advisor, Fund for Teachers fellow, TEAM mentor, Veteran’s Day coordinator, and many other roles.

John has been the Civics teacher for hundreds of students who have progressed through Putnam High School in the last eight years. He has also taught AP United States Government and Politics, Sociology, World Since 1914, and most recently, Human Rights and UCONN's Early College Experience "Introduction to Human Rights”. John’s classes are designed to incorporate real world knowledge and experiences that will prepare students to understand what is happening in the world around them. Students are given the the tools needed to be an informed and active participant in our ever-changing society. Discussion and collaboration amongst peers are staples of each of his classes. Sample activities from John’s classes are debates, simulations, mock trials, current event analysis, and a controversial issue research paper.

John is honored to be the 2023 Putnam Teacher of the Year and a 2023 finalist for Connecticut Teacher of the Year.