Congratulations Jennifer Rodriguez!

First Grade Teacher at Anna M. Reynolds School in Newington

About Jen

Jen Rodriguez has served her community for fourteen years as a first-grade teacher. Much of her career has been invested in piloting technology and programs. Jen is a consistent member of the Instructional Leadership Team, Early Intervention Team, District and Building Equity Team, and a Professional Learning Community facilitator.

Jen’s work and learning transcends the borders of her school. Last summer, she had the opportunity to connect with educators and students at a rural school in Portugal. One of her favorite successes was advocating for an equitable learning environment for students and staff which has resulted in a full renovation.

As a local union representative, CEA board member, and educator, Jen Rodriguez believes we must be collectively empowered to advocate for positive outcomes and change for our profession, communities, learners, and their families. When we link arms, we have a stronger voice.