Mohegan Moments

Mohegan Moments is a video series where Tribal leaders and members detail topics important to Mohegan Culture.

Mohegan Chiefs & Self Governance

The first video in the Mohegan Moments series features Chief Many Hearts, Dr. Lynn Malerba, speaking on Mohegan Chiefs and Self Governance.

Mohegan Church

The Mohegan Church, founded in 1831, is both a historical and spiritual site for the Mohegan Tribe. Learn more about the church and its history from Elder and Justice Joe Smith.

Samson Occum

Born in a wigwam on Mohegan land, Samson Occum was one of the first ordained Christian Indian ministers. Learn more about Samson Occum's life from Tribal Historian Jason LaVigne.


Did you know a Mohegan wigwam’s dome shape was made by creating a series of arches using hickory saplings? Learn more about wigwams from Tradition Specialist Greg Chapman.


Discover the many designs, uses, and meanings behind Mohegan baskets from Tantaquidgeon Museum Operations Manager Stacy Dufresne.

“This heart is not mine, but yours.”
– Sachem Uncas
"Observe, Concentrate and Remember”
– Harold Tantaquidgeon
Chiefs in the 20th century
“Never forget it”
– Emma Baker
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