Mohegan Tribal Court

The Mohegan Tribal Court is one branch of the Mohegan Court System, established pursuant to Article I of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians Code (the other branch is the Gaming Disputes Court, established pursuant to Article XIII of the Constitution of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut). The Mohegan Tribal Court is a court of general jurisdiction over those types of cases for which the Tribal Council has enacted enabling legislation that do not relate to the Gaming activities of the Tribe. The Tribal Court has jurisdiction over all lands of the Mohegan Reservation.

The Mohegan Tribal Court consists of three levels: the Trial Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Council of Elders, which may exercise final review over any decision of the Trial Court and Court of Appeals.

Parties appearing before the Mohegan Tribal Court may be represented by a Spokesperson admitted to the Mohegan Tribal Court Bar. Attorney-Spokespersons may represent parties in any matter before the Court, whereas non-Attorney Spokespersons may appear only in Minor Civil Actions and the Peacemaker Forum. MTC § 1-36, 1-37.

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