Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Rochelle Brown!

2021 Connecticut Teacher of the Year
Poquonock Elementary School, Windsor

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Teaching  in Windsor Public Schools since 1999,  Connecticut’s 2021 Teacher of the Year, Rochelle Cornelia Brown,  has always recognized the importance and significance of representation. Ensuring that her students always feel loved, represented, and acknowledged is vital  to their success and progress. For more than two decades, Rochelle has been involved in several projects throughout Windsor. She has taught Kindergarten, Grades two and three as well as a United States Citizenship course through the Windsor Continuing Education program. Teaching others is Rochelle’s greatest aspiration. When a colleague decided to start an afterschool program for boys of color to address the achievement gap, Rochelle was ready to join, traveling the East Coast each weekend to ensure that the boys would have the same cultural and educational experiences as their peers.

Presently, Rochelle serves as the co-chair of Poquonock School’s Equity Committee, as well as the district’s Equity Committee. With her co-chair, she has offered professional development opportunities for her colleagues and created an Instagram page, kidlitlove8, to bring awareness to diverse children’s books and the importance of representation for all children. She continues to serve as a representative for the Windsor Education Association, always ensuring that her colleagues are knowledgeable of their rights and responsibilities as educators. Rochelle is proud to say that after more than 20 years as an educator, she still has the same level of passion for educating children that was sparked so many years ago, and she plans to continue this very important work for years to come. 

Became co-owners of the New England Black Wolves lacrosse team, a traditional Native American sport
“We are no longer the little old tribe that lives upon the hill. We are now the nation that lives upon the hill.”
– Ralph Sturges
"You shall always remain in [the land] where you [creator] is.”
– Fidelia Fielding
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