Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Marcy Deschaine!

2020 Semi-Finalist
Mountain View Elementary School, Bristol

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Marcy Deschaine is a third grade teacher at Mountain View School in Bristol, CT.  Marcy earned her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education at CCSU and her Master's in Special Education from SCSU. Marcy lives in Bristol with her husband Jim, and two sons Chase, 11 and Max, 9. She is very fortunate that she is currently teaching at her former elementary school and gets to give back to her own community.

Marcy demonstrates teaching beyond the 4 walls of her classroom. She has adopted a mentality that promotes the idea that, no matter the grade or classroom, if children are in her school they are ¨Our Students.¨ She tirelessly works to ensure the whole school meets the goal of cooperatively working together to create a safe, welcoming, and enriching environment for all. She encourages working beyond the grade level and arranges whole school activities.

On top of being an active community leader, Marcy is an energetic and expert Instructional Leader in her district. She serves as a Science Leader, Technology Leader, Webmaster, Mentor Teacher and currently on the district ELA Enhancement, CIIC, and Climate teams. Marcy knows that it’s very important for teachers to build the capacity of other teachers. She is not only a mentor for new teachers, she actively tries to support all teachers.

Marcy is always actively seeking grants for her classroom and school. She has petitioned and received over $81,000 for her school community.  Items have included books, technology, furniture, organizers, gardening supplies, robotics, and most recently a $55,000 playground!

Perhaps her greatest accomplishment can best be understood as the product of all her contributions. She freely gives ALL of her energy and enthusiasm in a commitment to student empowerment, within the community she serves, and loves every minute of it. She models how important a positive attitude, and a willingness to take risks. Her ability to bring a community together has unlocked amazing civic and academic learning experiences for the thousands of students she has impacted thus far, and thousands more that will benefit from the foundation she’s laid in the generations to come. 

“Never forget it”
– Emma Baker
Tribal Citizens
“We want people to feel that the Mohegans are about the future…”
– Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Became first Native American tribe in the US to own a professional sports team