Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Lori Peck!

2021 Semi-Finalist
Ridgefield High School

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Lori Peck teaches family and consumer sciences (formerly home economics) at Ridgefield High School in Ridgefield, CT. Having received her Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics Education from Bowling Green University in 1984, she began her 27 years of teaching at a suburban high school in South Florida. After moving to Cincinnati, OH, she continued her career in an urban junior high school serving a diverse, socioeconomically disadvantaged population of students. To better understand the needs of her students and to increase parental involvement in their education, Mrs. Peck made hundreds of home visits. She then took some time away from teaching to raise her own family, an experience she credits for helping her to better understand children and for motivating her to always find better ways to serve them. Having embraced these lessons, Mrs. Peck restarted her educational career in Connecticut in 2002, teaching at the middle school and high school levels. Once she had settled back into her career, she began taking classes toward a Masters Degree in Education from Western Connecticut University, where she earned her degree in 2008.

As a family and consumer sciences teacher, Mrs. Peck teaches a broad range of topics, spanning such areas as the culinary arts, interior design, fashion, home management, nutrition, and human development. Students in her classes represent all grades, intellectual levels and learning types. She prepares non-college bound students for vocational careers and gives college bound students a head start with three college credits from UCONN for her college-level human development course. Mrs. Peck is proud that her discipline allows her to not only prepare her students to pursue their vocational and educational objectives, but to also provide them with skills and understanding that enrich their lives every day. This is why she became active in the Connecticut Affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, where she served on the board as Vice President, President, and Counselor to the President. Mrs. Peck recognizes the extraordinary value of education in the lives of students and in the well being of our society. She has worked in settings where this promise has been met and in settings where there is much work to be done. Accordingly, she is an advocate for making every classroom a safe, supportive learning environment for each student and for eliminating systemic barriers to educational opportunity for all students. Her commitment to these ideals is reflected in her classroom motto: “Work Hard, Have Fun, and Be Kind.”

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