Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Michele Molloy!

2022 Semi-finalist
Trumbull School District

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Michele Molloy holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from Western Connecticut State University, a M.A.  in Curriculum from Fairfield University and a Sixth Year Certificate from Southern Connecticut State University in Educational Leadership. Throughout her career in education, she has worked at the middle school level and elementary level for over 21 years; most recently as a Kindergarten teacher for nine years.

As an experienced educator, Ms. Molloy is continually amazed at the powerful impact our public school system has on the growth of children; particularly at the primary level.  In a mere academic year, Kindergarteners learn the power of print and numbers! Take a moment and think about the miracle this is at age 4 or 5. They go home in car seats; some still suck their thumbs and wear footy pajamas but learn to read, write, compute, and experiment by year's end. Ms. Molloy feels like a magician every year, and her colleagues never cease to amaze her with their dedication to the craft of learning.

This past year Ms. Molloy has transitioned from the role of educator to that of Assistant Principal for the Town of Trumbull.  It is her utmost desire to continue to support learners and teachers to create and nurture a powerful school community.

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