Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Kevin Mariano!

2022 Semi-Finalist
Plainfield High School, Plainfield

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Connecting to students on a human level is the skeleton key to teaching. Lakota Chief Crazy Horse’s testament drives Kevin’s philosophy: “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.” Students should smile when they enter and leave the classroom, so Kevin opens with “Any good news?” and closes with a Dad Joke. Those connections are the foundation to building kind, empathetic, and self-confident humans who eventually “pay it forward”

Since 2008, Kevin has taught Social Studies, coached the PHS competitive Debate Team, and is the Director of the musical theater program. Modeling social activism, he recently served as a panelist for a national social media movement, “When They See US: Giving Voice to the Pain”, and contributed to discussions which designed a social reform action plan, particularly for the African-American community. 

Currently, Kevin is teaching and looking to broadcast a Philosophy course that has improved the mental health and safety of hundreds of Plainfield students.

Kevin is grateful to his wife Lindsey and their two children for their unwavering sacrifice and support as he pursues his endeavors in the Plainfield district. In his free time, Kevin coaches youth baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Represents the sky and spirit
Tribal Councilors
Generations past, present and future
Wolf People