Mohegan Holding Company, LLC

Mohegan Holding CompanySeveral years ago, the Mohegan Tribe determined that business diversification opportunities in non-gaming areas were required to maintain self-sufficiency and sovereignty amidst growing competition within the gaming industry. Business diversification allows the Mohegan Tribe to contribute to the economy in alternate ways, while maintaining the Tribe’s reputation for bringing the best quality products and services to market, and created a subsidiary, Mohegan Holding Company, LLC to manage these ventures.

The franchise food industry was deemed a good fit, entering into agreements with Jersey Mike's Subs and Pasta Vita. Mohegan Holding Company has opened numerous restaurants in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

jersey mikes
pasta vita 
Became first Native American tribe in the US to own a professional sports team
Tribal Citizens
“We are no longer the little old tribe that lives upon the hill. We are now the nation that lives upon the hill.”
– Ralph Sturges
Represents the sky and spirit
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